MMA Betting Odds

MMA has taken the fight world by storm in recent years. It’s now a sport with massive pay-per-view events almost every weekend and betting markets that rival those of boxing. While the UFC remains the cream of the crop, there are now several other MMA promotions that host shows and offer odds and props on their events.

One of the biggest differences between MMA and other sports is that fighters compete in a number of different weight classes. Fighters can move up or down in class, depending on their performance and competition, and some struggle more than others to make the weight limit. This makes it important for bettors to understand how the weight classes work when placing a bet.

Regardless of the weight class, fights in mma can last either three rounds or five. Each round is 5 minutes long, and there’s a 1 minute break between rounds. Often times, bettors will place a bet on the total number of rounds, with the Over/Under being set at a price that reflects the oddsmakers’ expectations for the number of rounds completed in the fight.

To place a bet on the Over/Under, simply click on the number and select the amount you would like to wager. The oddsmaker will then adjust the price of the bet to reflect the likelihood that the fight will reach or exceed the posted number of rounds. This is called the vig, or juice, and it’s added to the payout of your bet.

There are a few ways to win a fight in MMA, including a knockout, submission, or if the fight “goes the distance” and lasts the full 3 or 5 rounds. The judges will decide which fighter dominated the match and landed more critical strikes. Fighters can also be disqualified, though this is very rare.

While it is tempting to bet on your favorite fighter in a fight, it’s important to study the odds and handicap the fight before making your bet. It’s also not a good idea to blindly bet on any matchup, as doing so could cost you big. MMA betting odds are calculated by a formula that takes into account the skill level of each fighter and how well they’ve performed in previous fights.

Taking advantage of the many different MMA betting props available can help you increase your chances of winning a bet and maximize your profits. Whether you’re betting on the winner of a fight or the method of victory, there are plenty of props to choose from.

Another popular MMA betting market is the round bet, where bettors attempt to predict which specific round the fight will end in. This is a more precise bet than the moneyline and over/under, and can lead to a large payout if you get it right. This type of bet requires more research than the other two, as it’s important to look at striking stats for both fighters and the number of rounds they’ve won and lost in past fights.